Guild -Infinity-, Dragonica, Elga Server.
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-Infinity- Recruiting only level 45s and above.
WTB> Trappers and Myrmidons!

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PostSubject: AkhMunRah : PERMSSION GRANTED   Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:09 pm

Why did you apply: My group of friends joined this guild, well i kinda follow them into the guild and I LOVE IT!

IGN(In Game Nick): AkhMunRah

Class: Mage (Acolyte, for now)

Level: 36

Age: 20 ( Born in the year 1989)

Gender: Female

Are you able to come online for Emporia War:
Yes, Im basically online eveyrday... the only thing stopping me is dinner if my family wants to eat outside..

Have Ventrilo: Downloading xD so.. yeah im gonna have it soon

Please write a Summary of your class build(Why and What did you add):
My acolyte build is focusing more in supporting. Healing, Ressurect and supporting party members... then offensive later. Now im maxing my party heal skills and next i'll be maxing barbarian and my witch curse skill.

Country(just to let us know more about you): Malaysia ( Penang )

How active you are(please be honest): I'm active and online everday from afternoon till midnight, unless i gotta run some errands for a few hours in between.

Would you make an effort to do guild quests: Yes, I would

Something interesting about you:
Well, there's nothing much about me to talk about...
I'm still a student studying in college studying mass comm.
Tall for an asian girl somehow.
Loves computer games.. dota, l4d, etc. mostly boys game Cool
Loves swimming, hates hiking
Enjoy music.. ALOT Smile
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Egpytian Craftsman

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PostSubject: Re: AkhMunRah : PERMSSION GRANTED   Tue Jun 16, 2009 4:54 am

leaving the guild without saying anything. good job.
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